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Why Popa’S is such a complex and complete artist with a name brand, build brick by brick, sketch by sketch in his own unique way around the world? I simply call it the Popa’S Phenomena because before anything else, he’s a Master of The Art of Seeing Trough People, Nations and World Cultures. A gifted child of the Universe at the service of human kind, he uses his art like a sword, cutting straight through the beautiful and painful truths of our society, a colorful act of sincerity and courage recognized by all the personalities he’s been in contact with all around the globe for the last 5 decades.

"No doubt he has become a worldwide brand for visual arts, a true ambassador of the Spirit of Universal Art. It becomes more than obvious that beyond being a Master in the art of perception thus focusing on image, he’s a man of essence. Popa's is an artist and a citizen of the world"
Giorgio Cena
Excellency Grand Chancellor, City of Vatican, Rome, Italy

Why is he so complex? Many know him from afar, a very few had the occasion to get in touch with his profound nature as an artist and as a human being. Many do not know that his Art goes beyond press cartoons and satirical visual arts, the main artistic domain which has consecrated him on the World Guinness Record back in 1995. Beyond visual arts in general he uses painting sculpture and engraving techniques. He is also a writer and a one of a kind way shower with his effervescent innovative outlook about art, people, culture and society, recognized worldwide as an exceptional and unique artist of our time.

“ Popa’S is a great artist indeed, I reckon he can be considered as the best contemporary cartooinst-portaitist, but what amazes me is his working speed, which is truly phenomenal ”
Thierry de Montbrial
President of Academie Francaise, 1999, Director of the French Institute of International Relations

It is commonly well known that exceptional artists are more known abroad than at home, he makes no exception, due to his capacity to own the truth he expresses through his art and essentially to his controversial nature. Long story short either you love him or you hate him, and that’s a fact. Nevertheless, once you get to understand the underlying beauty of inspiration and the courage of expression that stands beyond the Popa’s Phenomena you will not be a hater, that’s another fact. 

Why is he a complete artist? For the eyes of the knowers, it’s so simple to grasp yet so difficult to achieve by one man alone you will say. A true artist achieves to understand and imbue universal truths in his art, becoming a beacon of light for other truth seekers through their own art. A good example is the International Salon of Press Cartoons and Satirical Visual Arts, reuniting for almost a decade visual artists from all over the world.

“I sincerely believe that Popa’S is a gift made to the world and that is the reason why I appreciate him very much.””
Jo Leinen
Europarliament German representative

What a complete artist does is going even further by being able to bring the Powerful Transformative message of Art to rulers of the world from The Royal Courts, NATO Summits, The Vatican, Governments, Parliaments, Royal Academias, International and National Art Museums Art Associations and the list goes on. He brings the Mastery of his Art as a quintessence of an inspiring life dedicated to the search of the truth uniting us all under the same skies which he decodes through his overloaded sense of humour. That’s another reason he’s an exceptional one man show regardless the types of events he attends to.

“I have great respect for Romanian art, which first took the world of art by storm through the great artist Brancusi and now managed to achieve universality through Stefan Popa’S.”
Antonio Calderon de Jesus
Art critic, Director of Centiart Madrid Spain
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